We help betting and gaming businesses augment their internal creative services team with substantial savings but minimal managing needs


Our services are tailored to assist Creative Directors, Studio Managers or internal studio design teams of betting and gaming businesses in their daily workflow. We strive to improve their operational efficiency by providing skilled and technically accurate input and support on all aspects of design and creative production.

While doing our work, we strictly adhere to provided design guidelines, job briefs and schedules. Our internal quality control policies ensure smooth operations due to minimal to-and-fro.

We ensure stress-free environment for in-house design teams of betting and gaming businesses. This helps them focus on their core task of developing effective, strategic communications design to achieve their business goals efficiently.

Tasks we can help with:-

  • Image selection and image enhancement for sportsbook editorial and promotional banners (colour and exposure correction, contrast and tonal adjustments to produce clear and vibrant looking editorial images taken by photographers in uncontrolled/ low light/hard light situations). The typical workflow is:-
    1. You can send us a list of players
    2. We can select pictures of these players from your online digital media providers such as Getty images and others
    3. Do image editing as required
    4. Crop them to your required sizes
    5. Save them using your naming conventions and send them back to you
  • Custom photo cut-outs and enhancement for promotional offers such as splash screen banners
  • Animated/static banner design for affiliate and on-site marketing.The typical workflow is:-
    1. You send us a brief
    2. We’ll do our research
    3. Choose/ create apt graphic elements
    4. Create design mock-ups
    5. Send them for approval
    6. Do edits as needed; prepare and present the final designs in required file formats
  • Creating multi-size & multi-lingual banner packs from pre-designed banners/ templates – resizing banners from your supplied banner designs and creating multilingual banner packs using translations provided by you. The typical workflow is:-
    1. You send us a large size PSD file (e.g. 500x300 or 300x250) of your banner with the fonts and images that you have used
    2. We will create one vertical (e.g. 120x600); one horizontal (e.g. 468x60); one square (e.g. 125x125) banner using your supplied file and send these to you for approval
    3. On approval, we will create an entire set of banners in all sizes in one language and send it to you for approval
    4. We will follow this same procedure for each language using the supplied translation files
  • Flash banners designing or resizing/ editing/ translations using fla files that you provide. The work flow is similar to gif banners tasks.
  • PSD to XHTML conversion for websites.The typical workflow is:-
    1. You send us a PSD file and text
    2. We’ll slice the PSD file
    3. We’ll do standards compliant HTML and CSS coding
    4. We can send over the files or can upload it to your hosting provider’s server
  • Professional web design and development for affiliate/ micro sites
  • WordPress web development using commercially available theme or building a custom or a child theme
  • Slicing and coding of e-newsletter templates from PSD files you provide us with. We adapt proper coding practices to build HTML e-newsletters that will display almost consistently in every reader.
  • Creating software banners/ game lobby graphics using your supplied translation files
  • Magazine advt. design, flyer design/ brochure design. The typical workflow is:-
  • Trade show display design/ display banners

A typical workflow for any design jobs is:-

  1. You send us a brief
  2. We’ll do our research
  3. Create design mock-ups
  4. Send them to you for approval
  5. Do edits as needed; prepare and submit final designs in required file formats

Skill Sets

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash (Action script3), CorelDRAW, HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery, WordPress, PHP

Please explore our portfolio section to see some examples of our work.

If you are convinced that our work ethics and approach matches yours, and we could be an asset to your organization, then why don’t you contact us?

However, if you’re still not convinced - because you do not see a reason to make any changes to your current operating style - we urge you to explore why we think, you should work with us.